What is Fronthack?

Fronthack is a complete solution for writing HTML and CSS. If your are a frontend developer and your task is to code the website or web app that looks as designed, Fronthack is for you.

It is a bolierplate for your projects with access to library of high quality, basic visual components which you can add to the project on demand. Starting frontend from Fronthack will help you implement pixel-perfect designs and will make you sure that your stylesheets will remain modular and scallable.

It gives you a powerfull commandline tool and proposes you full, consisten workflow of development. It also introduces world best-practices of writing styles like BEM, SMACSS and all tools you need for that Sass preprocessor or Gulp automation tool.

What else Fronthack contains?

  • Localhost server, with livereload that watch for changes in any file
  • System that allows you to show designs under HTML code in the browser
  • Build in and configured imagemin, to loseless image compression
  • Tool for visual planning structure of the components, before writing any code
  • Useful Sass mixins and helper classes
  • normalize.css file that resets styles on all browsers
  • Autoprefixer

What you can build with Fronthack?

It’s purpose is to output static HTML pages and compiled CSS code, which you can deploy anywhere (for example to GitHub Pages), but Fronthack has been used for many enterprise-level applications to compose good markup, which has been later rearranged to frontend frameworks like React, Angular, Vue or templating engines like Django one’s, Twig. It is also good starting point for Static Site Generators like Jekyll or Hugo.

What you can find in these docs

This documentation will guide you trough whole process of creating project on Fronthack, step by step. I call it Fronthack Learning Path. Thanks to it, you will understad it’s concept and you will know how to use it’s commandline tool.

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